Mr Pepper

Mr Pepper

If we were to describe Rodrigo Roura in one word, it would be this: he’s passionate.

Ever since he started DJing, it was clear he had a unique sound. One which he has been perfecting, track by track, set by set throughout the years.

His philosophy is simple: Music is a universal language. It is with this in mind that he plays in each club, party or at the recording studio. Always trying to find the connection: that beat, that sound… that speaks to everyone. That moves everyone.

His influences are many. Starting with his mentor, DJ Glock. He taught Rodrigo the most important thing: originality is the key to success. Originality like the one possessed by the great DJ’s. Like Sasha, John Digweed, Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Seb Fontaine, and Peter Rauhoffer. Greats he listened to. Greats he learned from to create his own style.

Rodrigo has played in iconic Mexico City clubs. Blue Monkey, K-Ma VIP, Underground, Deep, Continental, Rioma, and Must are just some of them. He has played with David Guetta, Alexander Fog, Mark Gee, Seb Fontaine, Green Velvet, Max Graham, John Creamer, Chris Fortier, and Oscar G. He has produced tracks for clients such as Contempo Models Agency.

He also is part of the selected group of DJs who has played during the WMC (Winter Music Conference) and MMC (Miami Music Week), two of the most important weeks all over the globe in the Electronica/Dance scene, playing at their pool parties and special events.

Currently, he’s working alongside people like Marcelo Castelli, Tom Sawyer, Robaco Bossá, Alexander Fog, Dany Serna, and DJ Glock, all of them involved in the world of House. He is also preparing his first LP and has been signed with 7 Stars Music, Techno Mafia Records, PM recordings, Spinnin Records, Stealth Records and Subtone Records.

You can listen to his podcast “Tomorrowland Sessions” who has been several times at TOP50 worldwide with participating on it Major DJs like Sonny Wharton, Alexander Fog, Mr. Pedros only to mention a few, having more or less 3,000 plays on the show every week.

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